AMD Radeon W5500 and W5500M

AMD Radeon Pro W5500 and W5500M are official: these are GPUs designed for the professional workstation market, therefore addressed to designers and designers – of course, as you can guess from the names, the first is for desktop systems, while the second is for portable. They sit quite a bit below the already available W5700s – and the related Mac Pro specific variant.

The cards are based on the 7 nanometer RDNA architecture, supports GDDR6 ram memory and the PCI Express 4.0 standard. In both cases the CU are 22, but the laptop version has a maximum consumption of 85 W against the 125 of the “smooth” W550 and half of the RAM – 4 GB against 8. The TeraFLOPS are therefore a little lower – 4, 79 (max) versus 5.35 (max). For reference, remember that the W5700 has 36 CUs, while the W5700X rises to 40, which translates to 8.89 and 9.5 TeraFLOPS respectively. The power of the W5500 is sufficient to manage 4 4K @ 60 Hz displays, or one 8K always at 60 Hz.

AMD Radeon Pro W5500 will be available for purchase in a few days; the list price for the USA is set at $ 399, roughly half of the W5700 (which, however, as we have seen, is not twice as powerful). There is still no precise information on the W5500M, but the wait will not be very long yet. The producer says it will hit the market this spring. We look forward to details for our market

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