AOC Q27G2U and CQ27G2U

AOC has announced two new gaming monitors for its latest G2 range, both 27-inch with QHD resolution (2560 x 1440 pixels) with 109PPI density: Q27G2U (flat) and CQ27G2U (curved), the latter with a 1500R curvature . Both displays boast a VA panel that combines very high receptivity with a fast 144Hz refresh rate for immersive gameplay, FPS (first person shooter), TPS (third person shooter), racing games and SIM, so that players can smoothly see the smallest animations and get faster visual responses from what’s going on in the game.

In addition, a 1ms MPRT (Motion Picture Response Time) eliminates motion blur and shows a clear and crisp image in every frame, for a blur-free view, while AMD FreeSync support eliminates any interruption in the fluidity of the game. Thanks to the variable refresh rate (VRR) technology with AMD FreeSync support, the panel’s refresh rate is matched to the frames per second of the game, eliminating the shots caused by the V-Sync, or other interruptions.

Fans of the most ambitious games will appreciate the crystal clear image quality, which is why both models boast a native contrast ratio of 3000: 1 (three times that of TN or IPS panels) and 120% sRGB coverage, 90% AdobeRGB %, 85% NTSC, reproducing natural and realistic colors.

Both AOC CQ27G2U and Q27G2U boast the elegant and practical stand typical of the G2 series, embellished with red accents to underline their belonging in the gaming world. The stand offers a height adjustment of 130mm in addition to the tilt, allowing players to sit comfortably and upright and reduce any inconvenience.

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A built-in USB 3.0 hub with four ports (one with fast charging) allows users to connect the keyboard, mouse, webcam or any other USB device, but also to charge their smartphone or other devices. All this without the need to reach the PC case. Plus, cable management built into the stand helps keep your desk clean and tidy.

The AOC Q27G2U (flat) model is already on sale on Amazon at a price of 376.74 euros, while the AOC CQ27G2U (curved) model will be available from February at the price of 339 euros.

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