ASUS ROG Delta Core

The ASUS ROG Delta Core have been created to provide excellent comfort. Unlike the classic oval pavilions, these headphones feature a special D-shaped design to precisely adapt to the shape of the ear, reducing the contact surface by 20% to ensure significantly higher comfort even during prolonged use.

ASUS ROG Delta Core

Within each pavilion the drivers are inclined 12 degrees to line up at the corner of the ears, further improving comfort. This particular design helps to emphasize the sound quality by allowing the signal to be directed more directly into the ear canal, ensuring better sound quality. The headphones are light despite the solid structure, with the bow carefully optimized to offer a perfect balance and reduce pressure on the ears, limiting fatigue in case of prolonged use.

ROG Delta Core already includes two different types of bearings to better adapt to subjective preferences: ROG Hybrid bearings have a height of 2.5cm and combine a mix of leather and fabric to offer greater thickness and breathability, ideal for long gaming sessions; the synthetic leather pads are relatively thinner and softer, perfect for mobile use.

The exclusive ASUS Essence drivers have been updated with Audio Signal Diversion technology. A circular barrier helps to separate high and medium and low frequencies, reducing interference so as to obtain a clearer and more faithful sound reproduction. The drivers operate with a frequency response between 20 Hz and 40 Hz to emphasize bass and optimize in-game audio, allowing players to perceive every detail and making the gaming experience more realistic and engaging. The ASUS Essence drivers are integrated inside a sealed chamber, boasting an exclusive design developed by ASUS audio engineers to provide a wider and better balanced sound range so that the sound is natural and uncontaminated.

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ASUS ROG Delta Core

The Delta Core ROGs are equipped with a 3.5 mm audio jack connector to ensure compatibility with all types of platforms: not only PCs and mobile devices, but also Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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