Intel Optane M15

Intel Optane solutions are basically small and fast SSD drives, which you can use with a larger traditional hard drive or with a solid state drive to improve PC performance. The latest version is called Intel Optane M15, which will offer higher performance than the previous M10 generation and lower energy consumption during downtime. It … Read moreIntel Optane M15

TP-Link OneMesh

TP-Link has launched OneMesh devices, which use TP-Link Mesh technology to create an optimal WiFi network. The new product range will include devices belonging to the different categories of the TP-Link portfolio such as routers, range extenders and power lines. An incredibly extensive network, with no shadows and disconnections, easy to set up and even … Read moreTP-Link OneMesh

AMD Radeon RX 5700

In addition to the release of the first AMD Ryzen 3rd Gen processors for desktops (and very soon for notebooks), the Sunnyvale company has dedicated much of the keynote to Computex 2019 to its new graphics architecture. RDNA, the new gaming architecture designed to drive the future of video games, offers incredible performance, power and … Read moreAMD Radeon RX 5700

Hisense 75U9E

The Hisense 75U9E TV will soon arrive in Europe. The Chinese brand has already confirmed its exit on the German market, although without indicating a specific date or an indicative list price. As for the technical specifications, the absence of HDMI 2.1 inputs seems to be confirmed (therefore it could not handle 8K resolution input … Read moreHisense 75U9E

Netac N600S

Chinese online shops always offer the possibility of buying products of all kinds and of good quality at ridiculously low prices. For example, if you wanted to expand the memory of your computer and improve its performance, you would hardly be able to find something more competitive than the Netac N600S solid state drive. Thanks … Read moreNetac N600S

Garmin Overlander

Garmin Overlander is a new multi-satellite navigator (GPS, Galileo and Glonass) all-in-one, specifically designed to meet the needs of the increasingly large overlanding community, a term that identifies those travelers who spend long periods living on four wheels at discovery of new territories and in continuous search for adventure. It will be available in Italy … Read moreGarmin Overlander

Suunto 5

Slim, compact and comfortable on the wrist, Suunto 5 is ready to help athletes with daily training, thanks to the multisport function, allowing you to focus on your goal: pace, stroke or lap. With an autonomy of (up to) 40 hours, athletes and outdoor enthusiasts can push hard, in training or hiking, without having to … Read moreSuunto 5

Sony ZG9

Sony has announced the US list prices of ZG9 TVs. This new series uses 8K (7680 x 4320 pixel) 85 “and 98” LCD panels. Full LED backlighting is combined with Backlight Master Drive technology, characterized by a higher density of independently controlled LED modules. It should therefore be a worthy heir to the ZD9s. Sony … Read moreSony ZG9

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