RedmiBook 14 Specs

Xiaomi is now an old hand among the new notebook manufacturers, the range of options quite grown. The previously known as cheap phone brand of Xiaomi and now independent subsidiary Redmi will now also start to build notebooks, the image of the company accordingly, it should be even cheaper models, with Redmi lately quite well … Read moreRedmiBook 14 Specs

RedmiBook 14

RedmiBook 14 should be the name of the first Xiaomi sub-brand notebook that recently confirmed the arrival and the name of the top-of-the-range smartphone, Redmi K20. To provide us with some initial indications in this regard are the MySmartPrice website and the Bluetooth SIG certification body, where the laptop has left traces of its passage … Read moreRedmiBook 14

MSI P65 and P75 Creator

Although MSI is best known for its wide range of gaming notebooks, the Taiwanese company has also launched a series of ultraportables for photographers, designers, 3D designers and all graphics professionals, who are looking for a lightweight and powerful enough notebook for second their creativity. The line, which takes the name of Creator and belongs … Read moreMSI P65 and P75 Creator

PlayStation 5 Release Date, PlayStation 5 Price review

PlayStation 5 returns to the center of rumors thanks to a new indiscretion published by Hideki Yasuda – an analyst at Ace Research Institute – which suggests some details about the price and the possible launch date of the console. The Japanese analyst says that PlayStation 5 will hit the market in November 2020 at … Read morePlayStation 5 Release Date, PlayStation 5 Price review

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