Cheap Camera for Vloggin 2020

Today I want to present my experience with the Canon Eos M50 camera. I’m not a photo or video expert. Precisely because I am not an expert, this makes me the right person to recommend this room for beginners. I mean those who want to take the first steps in the world of vlogging.

If you are a young fan of video content and want to generate such content yourself, the Canon Eos M50 is the right room for beginners. I will not go into specifications because, when you are in the beginning, you either do not understand them very well or they do not tilt the balance very hard. For those interested, I leave a link in the description to the product page, where you find all the specifications.

Those of you who follow us often know that most of the clips are made in a controlled studio environment. When we have more dynamic frames, we choose to use the GoPro Hero7 Black or Hero 8. This is because, although in a controlled environment the Panasonic G80 handles well, it is a bit large, but not the largest, for easy handling. .

The Canon Eos M50 is compact and easy to operate
Which brings us to the first advantage of the Canon M50: size and weight. It is a lightweight camera, very easy to use. If you use the 11-22 mm lens, which we also have, you will not add a weight that will put you in difficulty when making the transition from a selfie frame to a general frame or to another subject you want to film.

Another feature that makes Canon Eos M50 a good camera for vlogging is the Vari-Angle touch screen. What does this screen do? It allows positioning so that the vlogger can control and make a suitable frame, regardless of the angle from which he shoots. The touch screen is very useful, and all the settings you need are directly on the screen. From here you can change any setting, quickly and without messing with complex menus

The camera can shoot at 4K resolution. However, if you’re a vlogger, I recommend shooting fullHD, to eliminate that inevitable crop we have on any mirrorless device at 4K resolution. But this is already a finesse. If you want to tell us more about it, make a post in the Noobz People Facebook group and go into details. For the moment, I don’t get bored with too much heavy information – I stay in the picture! The thing I really liked about Canon is that from the first use of any camera, it offers a vibrant and vibrant color scheme.

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It’s a great thing for beginners. I know what it means to be in the beginning, to have no idea what your room settings are eating and to get frustrated because of your images that do not look as you expect or see from other content creators. Of course, it’s good to document yourself. However, if you have a room that performs very well on automatic settings, this is an extra point.

Canon Eos M50: movie resolutions
You can set a flat profile on your Canon Eos M50
However, maybe you are a beginner and you bought your Canon Eos M50, and now you have advanced a bit more. Maybe you want to control the coloration. You have gone to several sites and started to discover concepts such as C-Log or “flat” profile, which offers a large dynamic range, with which you can play in post-production. But that’s only when you’re a little more advanced.

Returning to this “flat” profile, it can also be installed on the Canon M50. The whole process involves a few simple steps that you must follow. The first step is to install the Eos Utility program. You can find it on the official Canon page. After installing the program, you will need to download the Technicolor Cinestyle profile from this link:, I will leave it in the description as well. The final step is to connect the camera to the computer, launch the Eos Utility program, and from the Camera Settings you have to choose “Register Picture Style File”.

Here are three user profiles you can choose from. Once you have chosen the profile number, press the upload button, choose the file from your computer and upload it. The next time you turn on the camera, you will see that the image will not be as saturated. But in your editor, you will have the opportunity to play more in the coloring chapter of images.


I made this bracket precisely because such information is not at hand. And I had to search a lot before I discovered this film profile. If you also choose a Canon Eos M50, my experience will be useful to you

I have to say a few words and about the purpose I used. It is a Canon EF-M 11-22mm f / 4-5.6 IS STM with wide-angle zoom that offers a very generous viewing angle. The lens incorporates the IS image stabilization system and the STM focus engine ensures extremely fast, accurate and quiet focusing.

I was pleasantly impressed by the focus. Autofocus is pretty good, even when shooting close-up. You happen to have small focusing losses, however, they are not obvious or disturbing. One by one, the Canon Eos M50 really does great for those who want to do vlogging.

The lens offers that bokeh effect, even for product images. The deep blurr effect gives perspective and dynamism to your clips.

Canon Eos M50: Aim
Not everything is milk and honey
The things that “annoyed” me, if I may say so, in this room have nothing to do with its performance or its specifications, but rather with its construction. But damn, and small, compact, slightly versatile, what do you want, Cristi? Have a massage too?

The only thing that has bothered me is something that matters more to my workflow and is not necessarily something that can be present to other users. I said that most of the material we filmed in a controlled setting. When testing, we do not have a control monitor, which will play back the image on a larger screen. The 3-inch screen is not enough to verify that the subject is focused properly and the sound quality is good.

On the Panasoic G80, the card can be extracted simply because it is placed separately, laterally, not in the same place as the battery. Canon Eos M50 does not have the same construction. To check the images directly from the card, you must access the space where the battery is. It wouldn’t be a big deal if all the quick-release pads on any tripod didn’t block access to the battery and card.

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Okay, that’s in my case, because the subject is on a fairly broad plane. Those who film vlog style can easily see if the subject is focused or not. But if I noticed that, I told you.

How was my experience with the Canon Eos M50?
It was good! But now we are at another level when it comes to image, which is why an M50 would be ideal when we started videoing. At this time, we already want to experience full-frame cameras. This does not mean that we will not test other more accessible rooms. Don’t worry, we don’t forget where we left off.

Last but not least, I want to talk about how much an M50 costs and if it is more or less. At a price between 2800 – 3100 lei, depending on the purpose of the kit, the Canon Eos M50 is an excellent value for money option. It is a good choice for those at the beginning of the road

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