Chuwi HeroBox

Chuwi HeroBox was launched at the end of last year and – on some markets (not yet the Italian one) – it is already on sale at a price that is around $ 200. It is a Mini PC that, thanks to the good set of interfaces and its hardware, can be used for various applications: All-in-One PC behind a monitor or under a desk, NAS server in the office to store your data safely , but especially HTPC (Home theater PC) for the living room at home.

Chuwi HeroBox

Inside the compact metal frame (37.3 x 187.6 x 138.3 mm, 590 grams) the new Chuwi Mini PC is equipped with a quad-core Intel Celeron N4100 (Gemini Lake) 2.4GHz processor with TDP of 10W, 8GB of LPDDR4 RAM and 180GB Intel SSD storage expandable with SATA HDD. Its graphic component, therefore, is given by the ninth generation Intel UHD Graphics 600 integrated graphics subsystem which – according to technical information – can decode 10-bit 4K VP9 video without any problem and manage 8K video. Simply connect HeroBox to your home TV, via the HDMI or VGA port, and enjoy the high definition videos or the photo gallery of the last holiday comfortably seated in the living room.

Chuwi HeroBox can be used to watch movies, videos and TV series on multimedia platforms such as Netflix, HULU, YouTube smoothly and without interruption, as shown by the results of the DXVAChecker software.

Chuwi HeroBox

The Mini PC also supports storage expansion with SATA disks up to 2TB, to be able to host large quantities of multimedia files (photos / videos) in a few simple steps. Just unscrew the rear panel, remove it and insert a 2.5-inch drive (SSD / HDD) in the dedicated slot, using the two supports and the four screws provided in the package to keep the disk in position. And then close everything.

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The interface kit consists of a USB Type-C, two USB 3.0, two USB 2.0, a slot for micro SD, HDMI, VGA to connect other devices / peripherals, Gigabit Ethernet and 802.11ac WiFi. HeroBox runs on Windows 10, but also supports Linux distributions such as Ubuntu to meet the needs of users who are supporters of “free software”.

Chuwi HeroBox can therefore be a good choice for those looking for a fanless Mini PC for the living room for multimedia activities: it is powerful enough to handle high definition videos, it is silent because it has no fan and it is also one of the cheapest models

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