DJI gimbal DJI RS 2 and DJI RSC 2

DJI presented the new DJI RS2 and DJI RSC 2 gimbals, the revamped versions of the three-axis stabilizers aimed at content creators and professional users. To differentiate the two products is the intended use: RS2 was created with the aim of ensuring full support for heavier camera bodies while RSC 2 is designed to ensure greater portability and to work with more compact cameras.

RS2 is made of carbon fiber in the main structural components, a choice that has made it possible to reduce the weight to 1.29 kilograms. The closed dimensions (excluding the BG30 handle) are 260 × 265 × 70 mm which become 410 × 260 × 195 mm when opened (including the BG30 handle, excluding the handle / extendable tripod).

The maximum load capacity tested reaches 4.5 kilograms. Camera compatibility spans many of the popular models made by brands such as Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, Panasonic, Sony and Blackmagic Design. The complete list can be found on this page.

RS2 is equipped with an axis lock that facilitates transport and balancing and a double mounting plate compatible with Arca Swiss and Manfrotto plates. The gimbal can be attached to other systems, such as jibs, vehicles, sliders, and has two RSA / NATO ports for connecting accessories and extensions (e.g. grips and remote control). Inside there is a 1,950 mAh-15.4 V rechargeable battery that allows up to 12 hours of operation. Fast charging takes 15 minutes to ensure 2 hours of battery life.

An integrated 1.4 “touchscreen LCD screen allows you to quickly adjust the main parameters, view camera data or stream images and use all the possibilities offered by the Ronin app. You can also manage functions such as the Active Track 3.0 and Intelligent Shooting Modes. DJI also talks about smoother footage thanks to the Titan stabilization algorithm, which reduces the need for manual intervention by the user by compensating for movement, tilt and angle.

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The new SuperSmooth mode instead ensures compensation of micro-movements with lenses with an equivalent focal length up to 100 millimeters. On the front of the RS2, above the activation button, there is a wheel that provides more precise control of focus and zoom directly from the handle. A firmware update will then activate the 3D focusing system (which will require an optional accessory) which uses ToF sensors to measure the distance between the lens and the subject.

Among the tools available is Flashlight which moves the camera forward so that the user can hold it like a flashlight. From here you can quickly switch to the One Button Potrait to create content for social media: a single tap automatically orients the shots to portrait. Panoramas let you choose a start and end point to generate panoramas. Roll 360 ° puts the stabilizer in Flashlight mode and rotates the camera 360 degrees. TimeLapse and Time Tunnel complete the list, a novelty that allows you to perform a 360 degree roll while continuing to shoot in hyperlapse.

Paul Pan, Senior Product Line Manager, said:

DJI’s first Ronin-S, and the original Ronin-SC, created such excitement when we brought them to market that we immediately got back to work to figure out how to improve them further. Like the first releases, we took some time to study how our professional customers are using their Ronin products, and what new features they would like in the next generation of portable stabilizers. And once again, the result was the outcome of this feedback, years of design and development, and significant advances in stabilization technologies. We are now excited to introduce two new tools for film production, designed for the needs of a wide range of filmmakers. From film cameras to mirrorless systems, we have the solution for you.
DJI RSC 2 is made with a foldable design and combines various materials, including steel (for the most important components) and aluminum to reduce weight. The latter comes in at 1.2 kilograms, about 35% less than the original Ronin-S. The closed dimensions (with handle) are 260 × 210 × 75 mm and become 400 × 185 × 175 mm when open (with handle, handle / extendable tripod not included). The load capacity is 3 kilograms and compatibility with the cameras listed on this page is ensured.

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The 3400 mAh-7.2 V battery ensures up to 14 hours of operation and, like the RS2, allows fast charging. The equipment


includes various technologies and functions present on RS2: we find the Titan algorithm, the SuperSmooth mode, the vertical one with a single touch, ActiveTrack 3.0, TimeLapse, Roll 360 °, Panoramas and Time Tunnel will also arrive via an update.

RSC 2 is always equipped with a double mounting plate compatible with Arca Swiss and Manfrotto and a front wheel for more precise focusing. Also on this model there is an integrated screen, specifically a 1 “OLED. The equipment is completed by the Sling mode, which allows you to release the stabilizer arm to move it forward in a single angle and the NATO door.

Both RS 2 and RSC 2 can expand their respective capabilities through various accessories: a perforated plate, a focus knob, a 3D focus system, a multi-grip handlebar, the RavenEye transmission system (transmits in 1080p with 30 fps and low latency on devices with Ronin app up to 100 meters away), control cables, counterweight sets etc. Through the Ronin application you can control all parameters and main functions.

The availability of the gimbals is expected from 31 October with different purchase options:


Stabilizer only: 769 euros
Combo Pro, kit with stabilizer plus smartphone support, RavenEye transmission system and more (here the complete list): 899 euros

Stabilizer only: 429 euros
Combo Pro (here the list of accessories): 639 euros
For both models, DJI Care Refresh is available which offers full coverage with VIP assistance, free shipping and up to two replacements in one year. Product replacement is even faster with DJI Care Refresh Express

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