DJI Osmo Action

DJI welcomes a new challenge by launching its first sports camera: Osmo Action. Unparalleled in the smooth and stable recording of movies even in the most complex scenarios, Osmo Action is as robust as it is sophisticated, and aims to unleash the creative potential of professionals and adventure lovers. You can already buy it on Amazon for the price of 379 euros.


DJI Osmo Action

Its compact but resistant structure makes Osmo Action the right camera for every situation. Designed for use in extreme conditions, Osmo Action is resistant to dust, shocks and water, and is able to operate at sub-zero temperatures. Osmo Action has two ultra-bright color displays, positioned on both sides, a unique feature that facilitates the composition of moving shots. The 2.25-inch rear touch screen has an anti-fingerprint and waterproof coating, and thanks to the 1.4-inch front screen, recording vlog and taking selfies has never been easier. Thanks to a brightness of 750 nit, Osmo Action offers a clear display even under direct sunlight.

The 1 / 2.3 “sensor takes 12-megapixel photos and records 4K video at 60fps and 100Mbps, capturing extraordinary details and ensuring high-quality film images. A three-element aspheric lens captures the contents minimizing the distortion effect to return impeccable videos. The anti-fingerprint coating reduces glare, ensuring natural and balanced scenes even under direct sunlight, without the need to have to resort to editing.

The result of over ten years of experience in perfecting three-axis stabilization systems, Osmo Action is the first portable camera that electronically stabilizes images with the innovative RockSteady technology. High performance stabilization algorithms work together with the stabilization system to translate every movement into a fluid, stable and high quality image, even recording in 4K / 60fps.

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DJI Osmo ActionDJI Osmo Action

Osmo Action is also able to record videos with a wide dynamic range (HDR) in 4K / 30 fps, with three additional stops that give naturalness to the transition between lights and shadows and more details in the filmed scenes. By recording in 4K at 30 fps with RockSteady enabled, Osmo Action offers a battery life of up to 93 minutes and 135 minutes recording at 1080 / 30fps. The loudspeaker ensures extraordinary sound quality and the dual microphone allows you to interact with Osmo Action by voice control. DJI Osmo Action features extremely creative shooting options integrated into a compact and easily accessible camera.

DJI Osmo Action Features

Slo-mo: for slow video 8X at 1080p / 240fps or 4X at 1080p / 120fps, shooting at 240fps to enrich the fastest actions with an intriguing visual effect.
Timelapse: with Timelapse the minutes become seconds, to capture unique moving content.
Customizable exposure parameters: to shoot the stars in manual or semi-automatic mode, and capture the night with 120 seconds of exposure.
By connecting Osmo Action to a smartphone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, the DJI Mimo app offers additional features, such as streaming of captured images, use of templates and editing software, and much more. In addition to this, an ecosystem of accessories is available to unleash the full potential of Osmo Action:

Frame support: the frame support, in addition to protecting the device, also has universal attachments for installing other accessories, and an opening to keep the camera status indicator visible. The support is also equipped with a quick-release base to allow it to be installed and removed with one hand.
Adhesive supports: allow Osmo Action to be attached to flat or curved surfaces, such as sports equipment such as skateboards, bicycles, helmets and much more.
Waterproof case: protects the device to a depth of sixty meters, with reinforced glass to provide clear visibility of the shooting scene.
3.5 mm adapter: allows you to connect an external microphone via a standard 3.5 mm jack, for professional audio acquisition.
Telescopic handle: this extendable handle has a swivel smartphone holder and a 1/4 “screw adapter.
Floating handle: equipped with a convenient non-slip grip, it allows Osmo Action to record films on the water.
Filters: Osmo Action has ND filters, polarizing and underwater. ND filters (ND4, ND8, ND16 and ND32) reduce exposure based on different lighting scenarios, while the polarizer reduces reflections and improves color saturation. Orange and purple filters restore the natural color in underwater shots.
Charging station: allows recharging, contemp

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