DJI could launch at least 3 new drones in 2020, including Mavic 3 and Mavic Air 2

After a 2019 that culminated in the launch of the Mavic Mini, one of the drones that probably made the most discussion ever, DJI 2020 promises to be just as full of news. Here are the latest rumors about 3 new drones that could arrive over the next few months.

DJI Matrix 300
DJI Matrix 300 should arrive by the end of February, although some sources speak of a postponement and at the moment there are no events already set by the drone-maker. However, the drones of this series are not of the consumer type and will hardly breach the general public. The exact specifications of version 300 are currently unknown.

DJI Mavic 3
Initially scheduled for the beginning of the year, the Mavic 3 series (which may also have more than one model this year) has been postponed, it seems for technical improvements. The competition has in fact become fierce, and DJI would like to have the winning hand both in terms of obstacle-avoidance and the quality of recovery, which should go up to 6K. In short, DJI would have postponed its flagship consumer model for the purpose of “doing things right”, and it is not that we can certainly regret this.

Mavic Air 2
Given the postponements of the other two models, Mavic Air 2 could be the first to arrive on the market. All DJI drones over 250 grams should include AirSense technology this year, which receives ADS-B signals from any nearby airplanes, warning the drone pilot in the event of a collision course.

Precise information is still scarce, but there is talk of a slightly revised design, greater autonomy and better quality, always in 4K, thanks also to a new Ambarella processor. Even the engine part should change, to the advantage of silence and autonomy; also the 360 ​​° obstacle detection seems to be of the game.

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DJI may well not stop there: there is already talk of the Matrix 600, Inspire 3 and another unnamed drone, but these should not arrive before the second half of the year. In any case, as in the past, we will try to promptly try out all the DJI news as soon as available, so keep following us to stay updated

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