Enermax AQUAFUSION 360

The AQUAFUSION series is now being expanded to include a model with a 360mm radiator. The cooler reaches a TDP of 380W, which enables the AQUAFUSION 360 to cool the latest multi-core processors.

AQUAFUSION is an all-in-one CPU water with individually controllable RGB LEDs. The RGB water block is equipped with a 3D layer design with Aurabelt ™ for unique lighting effects. Together with the addressable ENERMAX SquA RGB fans, AQUAFUSION can create a dynamic visual experience using the mainboard software or the supplied control box. Thanks to the vortex frame construction, the ENERMAX SquA RGB fans generate a strong, centered air pressure in order to quickly remove the heat from the cooler. Thanks to the dual chamber design patented by ENERMAX, the Central Coolant Inlet (CCI) and the shunt channel technology (SCT), the cooler achieves faster heat transfer and a longer service life. AQUAFUSION is a unique cooling solution for special gaming rigs or spectacular system builds for Intel and AMD CPUs.

Dual-Chamber Water Block

The patented two-chamber design isolates the pump from the heated coolant and extends the life of the cooler.
The cold coolant enters the first chamber with the pump and is then forced through the cooling plate to absorb the heat. The heated coolant is collected in the second chamber and then transported to the cooler for cooling.

Central Coolant Inlet Design

The Central Coolant Inlet (CCI) injects the coolant at the hottest part of the CPU to increase cooling performance. The shunt channel technology (SCT) of the cooling plate shortens the coolant flow path and leads to faster heat transfer.

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Aurabelt water block

The premium RGB water block with 3D layer design and Aurabelt ™ lighting is able to create colorful rainbow effects with 16.8 million colors.

RGB sync

The synchronizable RGB lighting is possible via addressable RGB headers of the motherboards from Asus, Asrock, MSI and Gigabyte.
Programmable lighting effects via the motherboard software. Razer Chroma Support with compatible motherboards from Asrock and MSI.

RGB controller

The integrated RGB control unit enables the quick configuration of 10 preset lighting effects without an RGB motherboard or additional software.

SquA RGB fan

ENERMAX SquA RGB fans support addressable RGB technology for a unique RGB lighting experience. The fan is equipped with a vortex frame that can generate a centered, stronger air pressure that is optimized for radiators. The frame of SquA RGB is equipped with rubber damping pads to prevent vibration transmission to the housing.


Fast and user-friendly universal mounting system with support for Intel® and AMD® sockets (except TR4 / SP3 sockets). The pressure compensation spring system and the Dow-Corning® thermal paste with high heat transfer ensure perfect contact with the heat spreader of the CPU.AQUAFUSION is compatible with 120mm hole spacing. Please make sure that your housing has enough space to install the radiator.

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