FiiDO D2S Review

Sustainable mobility – and more specifically electric mobility – is certainly one of the most interesting and debated topics in recent months, also thanks to the increase in “green” vehicles that have brought the general public closer to this sector. Compared to a few years ago, however, there is more awareness and responsibility: users know the devices but above all they know how / when to use them, also helpers from a recent decree on micro mobility that regulates the testing of these vehicles, identifying the general guidelines .

Italy was one of the last countries to adapt, but from 27 July 2019 the new legislation on micro mobility, or on the movement of scooters, hoverboards, segways and monowheels, came into force: there are conditions and rules to be respected in order to be able to ride in urban centers – on cycle paths and on the road – indicated in the text of the ministerial decree. Non-self-balanced vehicles – such as scooters or e-bikes – must have an electric motor with power not exceeding 500W, horn, white / yellow front light, red rear light, red reflectors and a maximum speed of 20Km / h in areas 30 (i.e. where the speed limit is 30Km / h compared to the usual 50Km / h) which is reduced to 6Km / h on pedestrian areas (speed regulator required).

FiiDo D2S

When the FiiDO D2S electric bicycle was proposed to us, we immediately accepted it, because it is one of the few devices that allowed us to leave our work station for a few hours with an excellent excuse. For many, this bicycle could be the definitive solution for small trips, for example to reach friends at the bar, go to the office or simply spend free time outdoors, with a safe and “environmentally friendly” vehicle, but certainly not expensive when compared to other similar vehicles.

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For those interested in purchasing, we point out that FiiDO D2S is on offer on Geekbuying at the price of 493.87 euros (with coupon 42N1WE9N) and free shipping in Italy from German warehouses (no VAT and customs duties) in maximum 10 working days. Not bad considering that a bicycle with the same technical characteristics can reach double the price

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