The purchase of an electric bicycle is an ecological and practical choice for getting around the city without getting tired, polluting and avoiding traffic. However, finding a good compromise between quality and price is difficult because often these modern means of transport have a very high cost. Fortunately, on the Chinese market it is possible to find economic models with excellent characteristics, which are enjoying considerable success also in Europe. And the many electric bicycles that have been running on the street for a few months demonstrate this.

From today, however, buying one will be even more convenient because FIIDO celebrates the arrival of its latest model with a promotional campaign on Geekbuying that covers all its electric bicycles, including the latest arrival. We have recently reviewed the FIIDO D2S but the new folding electric mountain bike FIIDO M1 aims to surprise all fans of the company with new features and not bad equipment.


With fully collapsible aluminum alloy frame and 20-inch wheels, FIIDO M1 can be completely folded up on itself until it measures only 106 x 96 x 79 cm and can be easily stored inside the trunk of the car for more long. In addition, the possibility of folding the handlebars and pedals also makes it easier to transport on public transport. The 250W brushless motor integrated in the rear wheel allows you to reach a speed of 31km / h in purely electric mode and can assist your pedaling to help you reduce fatigue.

The battery is integrated in the central barrel, has a capacity of 12.5Ah (36V), can be recharged in 9 hours and allows you to cover a distance of 100km in assisted mode. The manufacturer claims that it can withstand up to 500 charging cycles and meets safety standards for exposure to high temperatures, overload, short circuit and so on. Thanks to the 7-speed Shimano gearbox, you can tackle the steepest climbs without difficulty and the front and rear cushioning will cushion all the hits. The small monitor located on the handlebar will allow you to turn on the headlight, monitor the battery status, view the speed and adjust the assistance level using the appropriate buttons.


You can buy FIIDO M1 at the incredible price of 844.99 € using the code “FIIDOM1E” at checkout. The shipment will start from the European warehouse (no duties and VAT) and the bicycle will be delivered in just 3-10 working days.

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