Fitbit Luxe Special Edition

Fitbit Luxe is finally official, even if its leaked images and some rumors on the technical specifications have been circulating on the net since the weekend. The new fitness tracker is, in fact, already in pre-order in Italy at the price of 149.99 euros with global availability in spring (probably May) and fashionable straps from 19.99 euros to 99.99 euros, but if you are looking for the “more exclusive” Fitbit Luxe Special Edition with a new luxurious collection of straps made by gorjana, you will have to wait until June for the price of 199.99 euros.

As its name indicates, Fitbit Luxe is a modern and versatile tracker, but also trendy: it has been designed with smooth lines to perfectly fit the wrist and create a look similar to that of a jewel. At the design stage, Fitbit used an innovative process called metal injection molding to create the glossy finish on the stainless steel case, while to produce the high-quality enamel it employed the metal vaporization technique on the gold and platinum finishes. All this without sacrificing the level of precision required to make its advanced sensor technology work. In short, the result is one of Fitbit’s most elegant and comfortable devices.

Fitbit Luxe

For those who do not want to give up a sophisticated look, even when training, Fitbit Luxe Special Edition transforms the tracker into an elegant accessory with the Parker Link strap in light gold stainless steel, in addition to the light pink Classic strap in water-resistant silicone. to easily switch from one look to another. The wide range of accessories that can be combined with your outfit, includes comfortable Classic silicone straps in moon white, orchid, black and light pink, Horween double-wrap leather straps in taupe, brick and black, fabric straps in sangria colors and black or Milanese mesh in light gold and platinum gray stainless steel, as well as the Gorjana Parker Link strap in platinum gray or light gold stainless steel

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It does not have physical buttons, but a bright color touch screen that, through the “swipe and touch” function, will allow you to access statistics, notifications and the main wellness and fitness functions in an instant. Luxe seems to boast an autonomy of up to 5 days (we will see what the real results will be) and a well-stocked set of sensors and technologies for monitoring one’s physical well-being.

In particular, the Health Metrics panel allows you to track changes in your state of well-being on the Fitbit app with data that use respiratory rate, heart rate variability (HRV), heart rate at rest (RHR), skin temperature and, soon, oxygen saturation (SpO2). For example, by analyzing daily changes in HRV and RHR metrics, it is possible to see when there is a sudden change in the body, which can be a sign of stress, fatigue or even a cold.

Fitbit Luxe

The Sleep Score helps you better understand your sleep quality over time and bed reminders can help you develop a more regular sleep routine, while the Stress Management Score is new to Luxe and all devices Fitbit with heart rate monitor, which offers a daily assessment that helps you understand how your body reacts to stress based on activity levels, sleep patterns and heart rate.

Premium members can also view more in-depth analytics, and some users will get early access to even more advanced features that will be rolled out at scale in the future, with the aim of offering even more personalized and trend-based sleep recommendations.

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