Fitbit Sense and Versa 3

Fitbit has released a new version of the Fitbit OS 5.1 operating system dedicated to the smartwatches of the Sense and Versa 3 series. The update brings with it several new features, including the improvement of the tracking features of the user’s greeting status and support for a new voice assistant: Google Assistant.

Starting from this software version, in fact, it will be possible to choose to switch from Alexa to Assistant directly from the companion app of the two smartwatches, in order to use the voice assistant that is deemed most suitable for your use. As for Alexa support, it appears that Google’s acquisition of Fitbit hasn’t interfered with the addition of new features, as it is now possible to use the watch to receive calls via Alexa and to send messages.

On the front of the new functions related to health, however, we report the arrival of the automatic measurement of the blood oxygenation level during sleep without having to use a dedicated clock face, despite the arrival of 7 new clock faces that integrate this function within the end of year.

The update is only available on the two models mentioned, as they are the only ones to have received Fitbit OS 5.0 last September, so all the other smartwatches of the company will not be further updated with new features

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