Galaxy Z Flip Lite

Over the last few months, Samsung has managed to consolidate and stabilize its lineup of folding smartphones: the times of the very first version of Galaxy Fold and its youth problems seem long gone, easily overcome both by the version actually on the market and by the successor Z Fold 2, which literally amazed us due to its flexibility in adapting to almost any working scenario.

Together with the Fold series, the Flip series has also arrived, currently composed of two devices that have a very similar name to each other, but whose differences are quite evident technical data sheet in hand: we are talking about Galaxy Z Flip and Z Flip 5G. Form factor completely different from the Fold series, but many points in common from the point of view of the technologies adopted, especially as regards the screen, since it is with the first Flip that the UTG (Ultra Thing Glass) panel arrived, thanks to the which has been gained that structural rigidity capable of making it decidedly more resistant than the first generation.

With the two well-defined series, there is now one more step to take: making foldable smartphones more accessible. According to the latest rumors, it seems that Samsung is aiming for this and that it intends to do so by making a Galaxy Z Flip Lite, which is a cheaper version of its basic folding proposal.

Previous rumors suggested that this could come by inheriting the form factor of the Fold series, however the new rumors that refer to Flip Lite undoubtedly appear more credible, especially when compared to the product category: making a device like Z Flip cheaper is not then so difficult, while it is more complicated to imagine a mid-range Z Fold, at least in this historical period.

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The source of the rumors is the insider Ross Young, who intervened on Twitter stating that the Galaxy Z Flip Lite is one of the topics dealt with internally by Samsung and that there should be no sacrifices regarding the display technology, given that even in this case should be a UTG flexible panel. Given the importance of the resistance factor, it is very unlikely that the South Korean house will retrace its steps and adopt less refined technologies than this even on its less expensive devices; the differentiation is much more likely to occur in aspects such as the SoC, the memory allocation and the camera.

In any case, it is not known when the alleged Galaxy Z Flip Lite will be presented; the insider poses the question as still very smoky and far from materializing, however it is certain that this solution could be the one capable of significantly increasing the sales volume of the series. And you, are you interested in a Z Flip Lite? Are you intrigued by the idea of ​​that form factor proposed at a list price below the 1,000 euro threshold (difficult to imagine it at 6-700)? Let us know your opinion in the comments.

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