Garmin Dash Cam 46, 56, 66W and Dash Cam Mini

Garmin presents Dash Cam 46, Dash Cam 56, Dash Cam 66W and Dash Cam Mini, the new products in the automotive sector that combine the most innovative technological support functions with a clean and compact design that fits perfectly with the interiors of all cars. The three Garmin Dash Cam models 46, 56 and 66W feature 2-inch TFT screens, while the Dash Cam Mini is small enough to be mounted discreetly directly behind the rear-view mirror. The latest additions to the Dash Cam series integrate lenses that provide a field of view extended up to 180 ° and record high quality HD movies in all light conditions thanks to Clarity HDR technology.

Garmin Dash Cam 46 Garmin Dash Cam 46

The new Garmin Dash Cams are high definition and easy to use recording devices capable of capturing photos, video and audio. Once installed on the windshield, the Garmin Dash Cams record continuous loop movies on a micro SD card (not included in the package) and overwriting the collected data once the latter has exhausted its memory capacity.

Garmin Dash Cam 46, Dash Cam 56, Dash Cam 66W and Dash Cam Mini integrate a G sensor (accelerometer) able to detect sudden shocks or braking and therefore to save the recording of that precise moment protecting it from overwriting. Moreover, through the FCW (Front Collision Warning) and LDW (Lane Departure Warning) functions the Garmin Dash Cam 46, 56, 66W provide a warning in case the distance from the vehicle in front should be reduced below a predetermined safety threshold or if a driver’s distraction could lead the vehicle to accidentally invade the opposite lane. To complete the equipment, the exclusive GoAlert function that, when stopped in the queue, warns if the vehicles in front begin to move.

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Garmin Dash Cam 56

Through the use of an optional accessory it is possible, in addition, to transform the new Garmin Dash Cams into highly efficient surveillance cameras, which are activated through a motion sensor and which therefore allow obtaining video proofs even when the user moves away from the vehicle.

The new Garmin Dash Cam 46, Dash Cam 56, Dash Cam 66W and Dash Cam Mini have Bluetooth and WiFi so that the user can easily synchronize the videos recorded on their smartphone thanks to the Garmin Drive app. Through the dedicated app it will also be possible to perform «Picture-In-Picture» reproduction of the videos acquired simultaneously from several Dash Cams (up to a maximum of 4), thus offering a clear reconstruction of what happened from different angles of shooting .

Garmin Dash Cam 66W

Finally, except for the Mini Dash Cam which is activated automatically, drivers can also take advantage of the voice control features of the new devices: by exclaiming “Ok, Garmin” users will be able to start and stop audio recordings, manage Travelapse mode or take pictures of track without the need to take your hands off the wheel.

The new Garmin Dash Cam 46, Dash Cam 56, Dash Cam 66W and Dash Cam Mini are available at a price between 129.99 euros (Mini Dash Cam) and 249.99 euros (Dash Cam 66W)

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