Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2

Almost a year after the official presentation of the Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2, there do not yet seem to be the conditions to talk about a new generation model, on the contrary, the research giant has chosen to concentrate its efforts to facilitate its purchase by opening new ones retail channels for all companies interested in investing in this technology.

Buying the Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 in series will therefore be easier, now that the Mountain View giant has authorized the sale through some hardware retailers – such as CDW, Mobile Advance or SHI – which will therefore be able to shorten delivery times and increase the availability of expensive “smart” glasses.

As confirmed by a post published on the Google blog dedicated to developers, since the Glass Enterprise 2 were launched in May last year, the demand was immediately very strong, which allowed to create new collaborations to help companies in the development of customized solutions.

Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2
The Android base did the rest, the number of developers involved in this project has in fact given rise to several new open source applications, as well as numerous tutorials thanks to which you can start working with code sources, layouts and components for the realization of Custom UI.

Currently, the Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 are used in numerous work areas, in particular logistics, production and services, a choice that seems to have rewarded the road taken by Google, after the initial half failure which occurred with the launch on the consumer market.

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