Honor Watch GS Pro

Honor Watch GS Pro is available in Italy in the Camo Blue color and, on the occasion of Black Friday, the company not only discounts the smartwatch but also adds a bundled gift. In this period, in fact, you can buy this exclusive version of Honor Watch GS Pro at the price of 179.90 euros with the Honor Scale 2 tech scale for free.

Honor Watch GS Pro in Camo Blue color

Featuring a rugged design, 316L stainless steel bezel and metallic finish, the Honor Watch GS Pro offers a sophisticated look to allow users to be ready for city life and outdoor adventure at the same time. Featuring an amazing 25-day battery life, this smartwatch offers enhanced navigation capabilities, including GPS Route Back function to guide you safely to your starting point, as well as weather alerts and sunrise and sunset notifications. ideal for adventurers who want to travel longer distances. On board, it also boasts the SpO2 Monitor function, which allows users to monitor blood oxygen saturation levels. Additionally, Honor Watch GS Pro supports more than 100 training modes including mountain climbing, hiking, skiing, indoor and outdoor running and bodyweight training to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. fitness and push yourself beyond your limits. For more details, we advise you to read our dedicated article.

In addition to creating products with a bold and forward-looking design, Honor also guarantees maximum comfort: for this reason Honor Watch GS Pro is made with elastomer straps and uses nylon instead of traditional silicone.

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Elastomer straps are known for their durability, as they are highly resistant to heat and sweat. It is also a material that does not let go quickly, does not get damaged due to extreme heat and does not warp due to excessive sweating. Furthermore, it is also much less prone to inducing allergic reactions. This material is not only durable but also gives a textured feel, which adds to the overall robustness of the smartwatch.

Soon Honor Watch GS Pro will also be available in Camo Gray color, reminiscent of the shades of the desert. Like Camo Blue, this new color is also achieved through an increasingly popular technique called Dope Dyeing, an environmentally friendly and efficient way to color synthetic fabrics such as nylon. This type of dyeing, compared to more traditional dyeing methods, uses fewer resources because the process is shorter. This leads to less waste production and lower energy consumption. In addition, fabrics that are dyed in this way retain their colors longer and are resistant to multiple washes, wear and UV exposure.

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