Intel Core i9-10900K

Intel Core i9-10900K will be the new top-of-the-range processor for the desktop consumer segment that the US company will present with the Core 10th gen series, the first of Intel to introduce 10-core / 20-thread architecture in this market segment . After the rumors of these weeks, not least that relating to the new ASRock 400 series motherboards, now comes a further confirmation from the 3DMark database which confirms the number of cores and, not least, the CPU clock rates: 3 , 7 GHz basic with 5.1 GHz Boost (single-core).

Like the other desktop models of the Intel Core 10th gen line, Core i9-10900K uses the “new” Comet Lake architecture with a 14nm +++ production process, basically a Coffee Lake refresh (see Intel Core i9-9900K, here the review) with some refinements and an increase in the number of cores compared to its predecessor.

The technical specifications, currently unofficial, coincide with those circulated on the web so far, among these we mention an All-Core Boost frequency up to 4.9 GHz and the new Intel Thermal Velocity Boost functionality, which should allow the processor to reach a peak of 5.3 GHz (always single-core). The 3DMark database does not provide any detail about the TDP, according to the information available, however, we should be faced with a 125W chip that will most likely not have such low power consumption, in fact, we are talking about about 300W under full load.

As for the performance, however, we have no indication, we do not expect particular improvements under the aspect of the IPC, but we know that the Core i9-10900K will be about 30% faster than the Core i9-9900K (we talked about it HERE ). The debut of the Intel Comet Lake-S desktop processors is expected for spring (we are talking about April), prices are expected to be lower compared to the previous generation, as was the case for the Core X 10th gen models presented in October 2019 with prices halved.

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