Intel Jasper Lake

Intel no longer uses the Atom brand for its processors, but still distributes many low-voltage chips based on the same architecture: the Intel Celeron or Pentium (Gemini Lake / Apollo Lake) integrated in laptops with Windows and Chromebooks from 300-400 euros they are basically the direct successors. But this does not mean that they are as slow as the old chips, indeed some Intel Gemini Lake CPUs, for example, boast superior performance to the entry-level Intel Core Y-Series albeit with some flaws in the graphics.

Intel Gen11

All this, however, could change with the upcoming Intel Jasper Lake processors. We do not yet have precise and confirmed information on the successors of Intel Gemini Lake but, according to what was discovered by Phoronix who scrutinized the Linux code for a few months, the Intel Jasper Lake chips will have the same Intel Gen11 graphics integrated in the tenth generation Intel Core (Ice Lake). It’s unclear if Intel Jasper Lake will have the same (identical) GPU options, but don’t expect higher performance than a dedicated Nvidia / AMD GPU rather a significant increase compared to the graphics integrated in previous Atom / Celeron / Pentium processors.

And we hope that this news does not affect the prices of the devices. According to Chrome Unboxed, Google has already added support for Jasper Lake chips to the Chromium repository, so the first Chromebooks with the new processors would already be arriving and probably at an affordable price, given that more expensive Chromebooks with Intel Comet processors are expected Lake of the tenth generation which – read carefully – will have Intel Gen9.5 graphics.

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Intel Gen11 vs Gen9

No details on the availability of Jasper Lake, although there is a rumor that Intel is working on the “Elkhart Lake” chip with Gen11 graphics and the new Intel “Tremont” architecture based on Atom. The two families should have roughly the same technical specifications, but what will be the difference? At the moment it is not possible to add more, but we are sure that at CES 2020 in Las Vegas we will know more.

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