Intel NUC Ghost Canyon Mini PC Compute Element Comet Lake-H

Almost all Intel NUCs launched to date have basically the hardware of a “compressed” notebook in a frame no bigger than a hand, which is easy to hide behind a monitor or under a desk. In practice, they represent an excellent alternative for those looking for a computer that takes up less space than a desktop tower, while sacrificing performance, even if the recent Intel NUC Skull Canyon and Hades Canyon manage to satisfy the most demanding users with a top graphics card -di-gamma and a strong vocation for gaming and productivity.

At CES 2020 in Las Vegas, Santa Clara unveiled the new Intel NUC Ghost Canyon that gives an extra boost to performance by hosting a desktop GPU. It will also be one of the first Mini PCs to be available with a latest generation Intel Comet Lake-H processor.

Intel NUC Ghost Canyon

There has been talk of Intel NUC Ghost Canyon for several months, ever since a user of the Chinese forum KoolShare published the detailed disassembly of the machine and an overview of a pre-production model, even if on that occasion the Mini PC had an Intel Core processor. Ninth generation H-Series. But now that the Mini PC is official, we can add some more details and confirm some of its features.

The upcoming Intel NUC Ghost Canyon will be based on a removable Intel NUC Compute Element, with various processor options including the 45W 10th gen Intel Core H-Series. Intel has not yet released information on the price and launch date, but as far as we know it can offer “desktop and gaming performance” in a 5-liter chassis. And it will also have some firsts:

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A chart released by Santa Clara also indicates that there will be at least three processor / Compute Element options: Core i5, Core i7 and Core i9. The system has a PCIe x16 slot for a dedicated graphics card, so you can use an Nvidia or AMD GPU with your PC or an Intel Xe graphics card when it becomes available.

Intel NUC Ghost Canyon

Between support for dedicated graphics and the use of Intel NUC Compute Element (which houses the processor, memory and storage), Ghost Canyon will be the most modular Intel NUC launched to date. Most of the hardware can be upgraded or replaced without purchasing a new chassis, but since most of the components will be soldered onto the module, upgrades will likely not be cheap. And perhaps in some situations it may be easier to buy a new Mini PC

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