Lebooo Smart Sonic

Lebooo Smart Sonic mixes innovative technology with premium quality and smart functions, to make oral hygiene a simple, personalized and connected daily practice. When paired with the Huawei AI Life app, the toothbrush performs various monitoring functions of its oral cleaning in real time, detecting the effectiveness of brushing. This real personal coach, through a voice guide, assists the user step by step to ensure the best possible experience when cleaning teeth. Lebooo Smart Sonic is also equipped with an intelligent pressure sensor that helps avoid damage to the enamel and gums. Furthermore, thanks to a smart scoring system, the device provides scientific analyzes and useful advice in order to set up a healthy and enjoyable oral hygiene routine.

Lebooo Smart Sonic has 36 cleaning modes to choose from that meet the different needs of users and their oral routine. The cleaning, whitening, sensitivity or assistance function modes also provide different levels of cleaning, from the first “soft” to the fourth more intense, easily selectable through the Huawei AI Life app.

Lebooo Smart Sonic

With wireless fast charging technology, the Lebooo Smart Sonic toothbrush reaches full charge in just 8 hours. Once it reaches maximum autonomy, the device can be used for a total of 90 days on a single charge, which means that users will only be able to recharge their toothbrush four times a year, for intelligent energy savings.

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