Leica has prepared another novelty for lovers of black and white photography: the new Leica Q2 Monochrom arrives which, as the name suggests, differs from the version presented last year for the 47.3 MP monochrome sensor. It therefore always remains a compact full frame that winks at the tradition of the brand and tries to shorten the distances even more with the photographic rendering of analogue black and white films.

It should be noted that the monochrome sensor is not a simple habit, but a device that should allow you to obtain higher quality black and white photos than those resulting from a simple software operation. Leica says about it.

Unlike its color counterparts, the monochrome sensor lacks a matrix of color filters: with no need for interpolation, only pure brightness levels are captured and sharpened.

However, Leica did not want to preclude the possibility of recreating the rendering of analogue photography in B&W even with color filters: there are three E49 filters (yellow, green and orange) – we are talking about real filters to be applied to the optimize the colors and contrast of the light spectrum before recording it as a grayscale on the sensor.

The standard equipment is completed by the 28mm Leica Summilux fixed lens with f / 1.7 aperture (equipped with a selector to switch from automatic to manual focus), the electronic viewfinder based on the 3.68 MP OLED display, and a renewed design – there is a new leather cover, the matte black finish, and the red Leica logo has been removed (which makes the camera even more discreet than it was previously).

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Some photos taken with the Leica Q2 Monochrom

The new sensor also improves the maximum sensitivity compared to last year’s model: it goes to 100,000 IS0 (50,000 in Q2); the minimum sensitivity, however, rises from 50 ISO of Q2 to 100 ISO. Those who want more versatility than the fixed lens with which the camera is equipped have not understood the spirit of the product can also use the digital zoom at 75mm (6.6MP), or the crop at 35mm (30MP) and 50mm (14.7MP) ). You can use the 3 “touch LCD monitor to review the shots and change the settings

Even if still photography is the field par excellence of the Leica Q2, there is no lack of the possibility of recording videos (monochrome) up to the maximum resolution of 4K at 30fps. The battery capacity (1,860 mAh) and the resistance to water splashes according to the IP52 classification remain unchanged compared to the Q2 ‘color’. Not even a price that is certainly not affordable for all budgets changes: the camera is sold in Italy for 5,685 euros

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