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In line with its tradition of providing innovative PCs and hardware, Lenovo continues on its path to making business smarter by adding solutions such as the ThinkIoT ecosystem. It is an IoT device that captures information from repeated actions that occur within a certain environment and then analyzes the data to increase the efficiency of workflows and optimize performance.

The ThinkIoT portfolio includes powerful edge computing devices such as ThinkCentre Tiny and the brand new ThinkCentre Nano IoT, the EPC300 and a number of sensors, including smart cameras, motion-enabled lighting, facial recognition devices and the machine-enabled cash register vision – able to detect and address information quickly to enable IT decisions to be made on the periphery of systems, for example in warehouses or showrooms.

Lenovo ThinkIoT

From consultation to the installation of devices, from enabling workers to new skills to enabling predictive analytics, the complex interconnections between services, software and devices are orchestrated by the creators of Lenovo solutions to improve the business of corporate clients. Consider, for example, a doctor who uses an AR viewer to analyze a diagnostic imaging report saved in the cloud, or the manager of a warehouse assisted by a video camera with a sensor capable of evaluating in 200 milliseconds whether a package is loaded on the pallet corrected thanks to the QR-code on the label, all made possible by ThinkIoT’s warehouse automation solution.

Equally important for the retail market is the computer vision prototype of an automated cash desk, currently being tested at the Lenovo campus in Beijing. Retail companies that wish to reduce queues at the cash desk and avoid errors in price indications will soon use object recognition technologies at the automatic tills. With an integrated camera, processor and sensors, this smart retail solution of the future allows customers to scan all their purchases in a single pass, eliminating the need to read every single barcode; moreover it weighs the purchases supplying feedback to the suppliers and it allows to pay with virtual wallets.

At Accelerate, Lenovo also presented its Azure-based ThinkIoT offering that will speed up the digital transformation of customers with Azure SQL Database Edge and solutions for vertical sectors such as large-scale retail and manufacturing. Today, customers who install Microsoft Azure solutions for IoT and Data Management will have the entire Lenovo offer available, including the ECP300 edge gateway and the IOT510C Smart Camera, ThinkCentre Nano IoT and ThinkSystem SE350 edge server. 5/5 (2)

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