Lenovo Z6 Snapdragon 730

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Lenovo is preparing to expand the Z6 family by presenting the missing link between the Z6 Lite and Z6 Pro, which is the standard model of the series. Already anticipated by some recent rumors, Lenovo Z6 has less secrets today thanks to the information shared on Weibo by the CEO of the company Chang Cheng (in FONTE), who confirmed that the next mid-range will be equipped with the recent Qualcomm Snapdragon 730, made official early April.

The SoC adopts a production process at 8nm and offers an architecture similar to that of Snapdragon 855 and, according to Lenovo, will be able to offer superior performance to those of Snapdragon 845, at least as far as the CPU is concerned, since the Kryo cores 470 derive from the Cortex-A76 architecture.

There is also talk of a 10% reduction in consumption and an increase in performance in AI calculations of 200% – again compared to 845 -, this time thanks to the presence of the same Qualcomm AI Engine that we have already seen on Snapdragon 855. In short, the next Lenovo Z6 looks like a very interesting medium-to-high-end smartphone: we await information about launch times. 5/5 (1)

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