LG OLED Transparent Touch

LG OLED Transparent Touch (55EW5TF-A) is the new version of the already well-known OLED Transparent, one of the most futuristic and revolutionary technologies in the world of digital signage. In addition to allowing, like the previous model, an incredible overlap between reproduced images and real objects, however visible beyond the display, this new version is touchscreen. Designed to adapt perfectly to different contexts, especially stores and showrooms, exhibition spaces and art galleries, as well as TV studios, the OLED Transparent Touch amazes for the level of transparency and sensitivity of the touch as well as for the resistance of the screen and the elegant design that allows this solution to fully harmonize with the surrounding environment.

LG OLED Transparent Touch (55EW5TF-A)

The Transparent Touch OLED is an innovative and unique display of its kind, especially as regards the degree of transparency. If the maximum transparency in the LCD displays is 10%, the Transparent Touch by LG OLEDs offer a degree of transparency that reaches 33%. The self-illuminating OLED technology makes the screens four times more transparent than those of competitor companies without the need for backlighting or artificial light. Vivid colors are created by self-illuminated pixels, which guarantee a high-quality image through which objects are clearly visible. These displays are capable of transforming any space into a highly impactful digital environment, as well as offering innovative solutions tailored and perfectly in line with customer needs. The possibility of superimposing lux images or information on objects beyond the screen allows almost infinite possibilities of use.

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What makes this solution truly extraordinary is undoubtedly the touchscreen functionality. The rapid response is due to the touch film with P-Cap technology (Projected Capacitive) inserted in the display. The P-Cap touch film allows a higher response speed than the IR technology used in other touchscreen displays. The structure also allows the transparency of the display as thin as a sheet of paper.

This technology opens the doors to countless types of applications. One of the most appreciated is that of the car configurator. The Transparent OLED Touch is positioned in front of a video wall where you can view the new car presented. Thanks to this incredible technology, the details of the car can be customized in real time with a simple touch on the screen. The Transparent OLED Touch is also used within museums to enhance the exhibited works by offering guests a new way to enjoy the visual experience. Furthermore, they are also used in totally different contexts such as control rooms and executive offices, exploiting the advantages of multilayer images and in-screen controls. Finally, they can be used in research and development centers to present the experiments.

The Transparent OLED Touch display is distinguished from other products by its design and resistance. The elegance is given by the slim design of the frame, while the tempered glass allows this solution to not be damaged by touch and be more resistant than the LCD displays. LG’s Transparent OLED Touch Signage is a futuristic product with possible applications in every sector. The only limit to its use is imagination

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