One Mix 1S ​​Yoga

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One Netbook has always dealt with mini-notebooks (clamshells or convertibles), constantly updating them and widening its offer to new models from year to year, but in recent times these small devices have conquered a new audience – consumer and more extensive – that appreciate them for portability, technical specifications and price. Let me be clear: they still represent a niche market, but now they are better known, as demonstrated by the interest of companies in the sector and the success of some crowdfunding campaigns.

So even One Netbook, which could have an advantage over its competitors due to its long experience, has increased the production rate. The Chinese company opened the pre-orders of One Mix 3 Yoga and One Mix 3S Yoga a few weeks ago, but it immediately added another smaller and cheaper model: One Mix 1S ​​Yoga. And with great surprise it is already on sale at a great price.

One Mix 1S ​​Yoga

One Mix 1S ​​Yoga is still a pocket-sized portable computer made of CNC metal, weighs 515 grams and measures just 182 x 110 x 17 millimeters, so it’s not much bigger than a smartphone but has roughly the same features as a classic notebook. The term “Yoga” suggests that it is a convertible: it integrates a 7-inch Full HD + display (1920 x 1200 pixels) which, thanks to two special hinges, can rotate up to 360 degrees around the base to turn into a tablet, notebook, tent and stand according to the user’s needs. It’s touch, but it also supports pen input with 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity.

From a technical point of view, considering the super-compact chassis, One Mix 1S ​​Yoga integrates an entry-level low-power Intel Celeron 3965Y (Kaby Lake) processor with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage on PCIe SSDs. The 6500 mAh battery should be enough for a whole day’s work, while the fingerprint sensor can guarantee the security of your data. Please note that the QWERTY keyboard, however small, is backlit and the touchpad is replaced by the usual optical touch sensor. Obviously it runs on Windows 10 5/5 (1)

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