Philips 243B9

Equipped with high-speed USB-C and USB 3.2 docking, Philips 243B9 is a new 24-inch Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) IPS LCD monitor designed to simplify work, thus increasing productivity. Furthermore, greater user comfort and reduced environmental impact are guaranteed, thanks also to the adjustable SmartErgo Base, the PowerSensors for energy saving and 100% recyclable packaging. You can already find it on sale on Amazon at a price of 223 euros.

Philips 243B9

Philips 243B9 is equipped with many technologies to ensure maximum image quality. IPS technology offers extremely wide viewing angles and crisp, bright images, while Full HD resolution ensures more detail and clarity. And thanks to the LowBlue mode, users benefit from increased productivity which is also a joy to behold. The Philips 243B9 also features an adjustable SmartErgo base for ergonomic comfort and integrated cable management.

Easy to install and use, Philips 243B9 offers the speed and flexibility of USB-C docking with power. With a single thin and reversible connector, users can charge their notebook, watch high resolution videos and transfer data at high speed. This monitor also features connectivity via HDMI, so users can enjoy high-quality digital video and audio streamed over a single cable from AV sources, including DVD players, camcorders and PCs.

In addition to comfort, excellent performance and flexibility, the Philips 243B9 is also energy efficient and complies with numerous environmental standards and certifications, including EnergyStar 7.0, TCO Edge and RoHS.

An integrated power sensor automatically detects the presence of the user and consequently adjusts the brightness of the monitor for longer product life and energy savings of up to 80%, while the Zero Power Switch guarantees zero energy consumption and reduces further the environmental impact of the monitor. Featuring a PVC / BFR free housing and totally mercury and lead free, the Philips 243B9 also uses 85% post-consumer recycled plastic and 100% recyclable packaging material.


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