PlayStation 5 Release Date, PlayStation 5 Price review

PlayStation 5 returns to the center of rumors thanks to a new indiscretion published by Hideki Yasuda – an analyst at Ace Research Institute – which suggests some details about the price and the possible launch date of the console.

The Japanese analyst says that PlayStation 5 will hit the market in November 2020 at a price of $ 499 and, according to initial estimates, Sony may be able to sell 6 million pieces by the end of the fiscal year (March 2021), for then place another 15 million during the next one.

Yasuda seems to be quite convinced of the goodness of the Japanese company’s next proposal, to the point that it does not see in Google Stadia a potential danger for sales. This expectation is certainly acceptable since, although the model proposed by Stadia is undoubtedly the one that has more hope of becoming the dominant one in the future, we are still far from being able to consider it as suitable for the mainstream public, at least for the next generation.

The hypothesized list price could be very close to the real one, since the technical specifications already confirmed suggest that PlayStation 5 is a very powerful machine and finally ready to bridge the past, starting from the removal of the hard disk mechanic in favor of a high performance SSD. Difficult to know if the euro price will be converted 1: 1 from the dollar price; if Sony were to follow what was done with the latest versions of PS4, it is likely that the $ 499 will become € 509.99 or so.

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Obviously we are talking about rumor, so it is good to take this with pliers. As a side note we add that, should the date of November 2020 be confirmed, at this point it would become very unlikely that Sony will present the console during its pre / post E3 2019 event (remember that it will not take part), postponing everything to end 2019 or early 2020, as happened with PS4.

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