Pocketalk S

Pocketalk S, the evolution of the bi-directional simultaneous translator powered by AI technology, is the latest addition to Sourcenext. The bi-directional multi-sensor device responds with new and sophisticated functions to the most demanding needs, such as instantly translating oral conversations into 74 languages ​​in over 130 countries around the world or texts written in 55 languages. In addition, thanks to the best translation engines in the world, Pocketalk offers an always accurate experience, capable of recognizing local dialects and slang as well.

Pocketalk S

Pocketalk S is designed to capture complete conversations even in the noisiest situations. It has an elegant design, a large touchscreen, two high-quality speakers, noise canceling microphones and a camera with automatic language detection for text translation. It is also possible to translate in the presence of different written languages ​​- the translation results are shown on the screen and, with a simple click, pronounced in your own language.

The new device is the size of a credit card with a large touch screen and, in addition to the new “camera” functionality, it includes a converter for currency, length, width and temperature updated in real time.

Pocketalk S is equipped with an internal battery and an integrated 4G eSIM with two years of unlimited data traffic. It also includes: WiFi in case you want to use your mobile phone in tethering mode; Bluetooth for use also with earphones, speakers or external microphones; a micro-SIM slot if you want to use your own SIM with data subscription. Pocketalk S is therefore a reliable travel companion, perfect to take with you in any situation and stands out for:

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8MP camera that allows instant translation of texts
Wider screen for greater visibility
Currency, measurement and temperature converter
Higher software speed, to allow even more immediate translations
One-button translation to get translations with a single click
Improved mobile broadband connection and with a more powerful signal
High quality bidirectional speakers and noise canceling microphone
Super compact and lightweight design (75 grams and the size of a credit card)
Pocketalk S comes in 4 colors – gold, white, black and red – at a price of 299 euros (including eSIM 4G integrated with two years of unlimited data traffic).

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