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Ninebot KickScooter Air T15 we saw it for the first time ever at the beginning of January on the occasion of its preview at CES 2020. Now its development has ended, and the Segway electric scooter makes its official debut on Kickstarter where it is offered at the price of $ 569 (€ 522) for the first buyers (24% discount on the price list).

Designed “for all”, it represents an excellent solution for electric mobility, especially considering how much alternative transport modes will be privileged from now on to guarantee the social distancing necessary to contain the spread of the pandemic.

Who knows if the success that KickScooter Air T15 is having on Kickstarter right now will not help to raise the crowdfunding platform itself: CEO Aziz Hasan has in fact recently announced the company’s layoff plan, which involves cutting 40% of the personnel. In fact, projects are scarce, and the company is in great trouble.

Instead, the project that is more than real is that of the electric scooter: with a maximum range of 12km, compact (folds 180 °) and light (10.5kg thanks to the use of an aluminum and magnesium alloy), it is the result of work carried out over the past six years. Once the retractable handlebar is opened, you can access the integrated LED dashboard through which you can receive information on speed and autonomy, while the rear brake allows you to recover energy and adjust the speed of your pace as you wish. The same pedal also accesses the various running modes and the management of the lights. On the front, however, a large vertical LED light is integrated which, depending on the context, can be in color, monochromatic or emergency.

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The four modes with their maximum speeds:

Pedestrian: 6km / h
Energy-saving: 10km / h
Standard: 15km / h
Sports: 20km / h
One of the strengths is the ease of transport of the scooter, which can be folded away in seconds by closing the handlebar. The sensors will automatically recognize the scenario and the KickScooter Air T15 will shut itself off. With the Segway-Ninebot app, then, you will have access to the personalization of the scooter: you can in fact choose the LED lights, access different parameters and consult the travel statistics.


dimensions and weight:
open: 936x398x1015mm
closed: 1024x202x223mm
transportable weight: 30-100kg
max speed: 20km / h
range: 12km
charging time: 4h
max slope: 15%
certification: IPX4
motor: nominal power 0,25KW-250W
brake lights: LED
modes: Pedestrian, Energy-saving, Standard, Sport
tires: 246mm
The first deliveries are scheduled for the month of July, while the asking price to finance the product on Kickstarter is 522 euros (full price: 688 euros). More information and links for any purchase are available in SOURCE…

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