Razer Opus

With most streaming services now able to deliver high quality audio, it is essential to have headphones capable of reproducing the details and nuances of these streams in high definition. But the noises of everyday life – from the background hum of the city, to the frantic chattering of those who work from home with other people around – can interfere with the listening experience, devoting and ruining the pleasure of high fidelity recordings .

Razer Opus

The Razer Opus use an Advanced Hybrid Active Noise Canceling (ANC) system to eliminate external noise, with four dedicated ANC microphones designed to accurately tune a wide range of external frequencies and thus ensure a cleaner listening experience and go on. If external noise filtering is important, the quality of audio reproduction is critical to delivering rich, flawless sound.

For this reason, the Razer Opus have undergone hundreds of tests formulated in a scientific way to obtain THX certification, ensuring the highest possible audio standards. To meet the stringent requirements for THX certification, small details such as range and frequency response must be capable of delivering clear voices and deep impact bass, with zero distortion at high volumes.

Razer Opus

The low weight of the Razer Opus, the ear cushions and the headband in imitation leather and foam ensure a comfortable fit without pressure points for long periods of use. Each battery charge lasts up to 25 hours with the ANC active, allowing users to enjoy a continuous and uninterrupted high-quality sound experience in noisy environments.

With useful additional features such as Quick Attention Mode – when the need to feel the outside world arises – and the optional 3.5 mm analog input for maximum device compatibility, the Razer Opus are among the most versatile and adaptable ANC headphones available. The Razer Opus wireless headphones are already available on the official Razer website, at the RazerStore and authorized online retailers at the price of 209.99 euros in the colors of black and blue

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