Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+ and S10e

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Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+ and S10e – Amazing Cinematic Experience

The galaxy series from Samsung are always their flagship. The S10 series are now become incredible, Bezel-less, phablet -size smartphone with incredible AMOLED display clarity and suround sound.  This S10 is now one of the most sophisticated smartphone on Samsung lines.

Professional Camera

The camera for the Galaxy S10+ works more like human eye. The camera is equipped with 3 lenses with professional grade. The captured image would be as clear and bright as you can see in real life.

And, the camera also doesn’t left anyone left from its image. It has wide lens. Ultra wide to be precise for not leaving anyone out of the frame.

samsung S10e S10 S10+ plus review

Professional Dolby Atmos 3D Surround Sounds

And this sound is customizable too. It is a great companion for a crystal clear movies played at the Dynamic AMOLED Infinity-O Display the Latest Samsung smartphone has.

Galaxy Buds is another option you could get to enjoy the great sound privatelly. Wear, use it while on the train and plane and enjoy a nice movie with much more realistic sound.

Small but at its highest quality. The phone is more like a gem.

Intelligent Battery

Other smartphone lets you choose how to use battery. You can use bright display although the room is quite dark.

Other phones’ batteries just provide power to the phone like rain. Wheter you use the water or not, it falls.

But Samsung is way more intelligent. The battery adapts to the phone’s usage and can keep us connected in day and night.

The S10 Versione comes with 3400 mAh battery while the S10 + version has larger capacity 4100 mAh battery.

Both batteries however, support Qi Inductive Charging or wireless charing with power sharing capability with other Qi compatible devices.


S10 comes with 2 types of processors. The Chinese and South America version model are powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 855.

The international model on the other hand, comes with Exynos 9820 system chips / processor.

Internal Storage

There are two options for the storage. For either Chinese / South America model and international model, the devices have 128 GB or 512 GB internal memory.

For the particular S10 plus model, a 1 terrabyte internal memory is available for sell.

Screen Sizes

  • The S10e is 5.8 inch. 2280 X 1080 Pixels with 438 ppi.

  • S10 with 3040 X 1440 pixel screen. 6.1 inch with 550 ppi.

  • S10 Plus with 3040 X 1440 pixel screen. 6.7 inch and 505 ppi.

  • Dynamic AMOLED Capacitive touchscreen with Gorilla Glass 6 for the S10 and S 10+ and Gorilla 5 for the S10e.

  • Screen with curved edge for the S10 and S10+.


The newest android software that is used to manage the phone is Android 9.0 Pie. This software comes with the most recent One UI, Samsung’s version of the android.

One feature this software has is the large headers that push the begining of the content to be more readable at the center of the display.

And, the navigation buttons and control are now more often displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Other features

Other features that are noticable for the galaxy S10 would be the pre-installed screen protector for the S10 and the S10 plus.

Yes, the screen protector has its own function and why it comes preinstalled.

The fingerprint feature comes with ultrasonic reader and is far more advanced than optical in screen fingerprint reader. But, it is not compatible with all screen protectors.

The new Samsung S10 series now come with even larger screen with better clarity and camera. Also, the Android 9 or pie offers much better privacy to the owner.

Since Android version 8.0, Android software limits camera’s features running in background. So, camera can be turned on only when the screen is on. Limiting hackers’ possibility to turn the camera on when the phone’s screen is off.

And if you also want to acquire the 5G Samsung S10 series, there’s a 5G version of the S10 series available too. 5/5 (1)

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