Segway-Ninebot Air T15E

Segway-Ninebot announced announces the latest news: four models of electric scooters. We are talking specifically about the new Segway-Ninebot Air T15E and Max G30LE for adults and Segway-Ninebot ZING E8 and ZING E10 for the little ones. We remind you that, being “green” vehicles, these also fall within the Mobility Bonus provided by the Relaunch Decree, also valid for purchases made on Amazon. Here you will find a quick guide to take advantage of it.

Ninebot Kickscooter Air T15E
Ninebot Kickscooter Air T15E was created to meet the needs of the most demanding consumers who are more attentive to design and technology. It is the most compact and lightest electric scooter on the market today making it the perfect companion for city riding.

Segway-Ninebot Air T15E

The futuristic design is totally renewed, from the dashboard with a larger LED display for easier data consultation, to the battery positioned on the platform and to the elegant high-power vertical and front LED lights, which reach a lighting range of 10m.

Segway-Ninebot Air T15E
With a single charge cycle (about 4 hours), the Air T15E scooter has a range of about 12km and a top speed of 20km / h even on the most challenging terrain. In addition to being equipped with IPX4 certification and the Intelligent Battery Management System (BMS), the scooter offers four riding modes, which can be easily changed with a simple touch on the rear fender. The latter has been designed to create a more efficient interaction between the scooter and the driver. The rear fender is in fact multifunctional: it is used to turn the vehicle on and off, to change driving modes, to turn the headlights on and off, to activate the rear brake. The quick folding mechanism, the new foldable handlebar and the extremely low weight (10.5 kg) allow you to take the Air T15E wherever you want. Ninebot Kickscooter Air T15E is on sale on Amazon for 749.99 euros.


Segway Max G30LE
Segway Max G30LE is the younger brother of Max G30, from which it inherits the aptitude for long journeys. Made to travel long distances up to 40km / h with a top speed of 25km, the new model features a double braking system to offer more safety and stability. In addition, the resistance of the vehicle is also increased by its waterproof property, in addition to the powerful engine capable of climbing slopes up to 20%. Available in Ice White color, Segway Max G30LE is on sale for 699.99 euros.

Segway Ninebot Max G30LE

Segway-Ninebot enters the electric scooter market for the youngest with two brand new models, which have similar technical characteristics, but differ in the age target for which they were developed. ZING E8 was designed starting from the needs of children between 6 and 12 years and weighs 7.9 kg, while the eKickscooter ZING E10, is designed for children up to 14 years and, due to its slightly larger size, weighs 8.4 kg.

Ninebot-Segway ZING E8 than ZING E10
The new Ninebot-Segways combine safety and practicality thanks to 3 independent brakes and 3 driving modes adapted to every need. For greater control, both ZING E8 and ZING E10 have Safe Mode to limit the maximum speed to 10 km / h, guaranteeing a range of 10 km (about 40 minutes of use). The lowered platform, just 10 cm from the ground, ensures perfect stability even for the little ones while driving.

The scooter recharges completely in just 4 hours and, thanks to the Battery Management System (BMS), the cells are protected from overload, overheating and short circuits.

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Segway Ninebot ZING E8 and ZING E10

To consolidate the technical characteristics of excellence, the young line presented by Segway has solid synthetic rubber wheels capable of absorbing shocks and offering considerable grip on all types of terrain.

ZING E10 is also IPX4 certified, and is equipped with LED ambient lights under the platform that change color according to the driving mode chosen: Red for Safe mode, Blue for Cruise mode, and finally Multicolor for Turbo mode. Segway-Ninebot ZING E8 and Segway-Ninebot ZING E10 are already available on Amazon respectively at 229.99 euros

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