Sony V83D

Sony V83D, V73D and V13: powerful and compact audio systems with omnidirectional LEDs

Sony unveiled three new models in its range of high-power audio systems: with omni-directional sound and lighting, a compact design and a unique entertainment experience, the MHC-V83D, MHC-V73D and MHC-V13 offer new possibilities for families and to party lovers.

The new selection of audio systems – Sony MHC-V83D, MHC-V73D and MHC-V13 – offers superior power and quality, thanks to some new elements, such as High-Efficiency Tweeter using horn tweeters and High-Efficiency Midrange with the use of medium horn speakers. The greater expansion of the sounds in height is accompanied by an expanded range, able to cover a larger area.

Sony MHC-V13

The immersive audio offered by the new Omnidirectional Party Sound, available on the V83D and V73D, is designed to fill the “dance floor”. The V83D and V73D systems in fact include four tweeters on the front and rear to extend the sound front upwards. The midrange distributes the sound from the front and rear of the speaker, ensuring wide coverage and greater clarity of the mid frequencies to reproduce more powerful and vibrant sounds and crystal clear voices, capable of conquering any enthusiast.

Born from the combination of front and rear tweeters, midrange, a woofer and JET BASS BOOSTER technology, Omnidirectional Party Sound extends and broadens the listening experience, allowing you to enjoy marked bass and optimal sound anywhere in the room , without sacrificing better sharpness. The two front tweeters of the V13 model allow the sound to spread into any environment. The new designs increase the rigidity of the cabinet to offer stronger bass and, at the same time, superior clarity.

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Sony MHC-V13

The V83D and V73D models feature the brand new Omnidirectional Party Lights technology, designed to illuminate any party from floor to ceiling and create an unforgettable atmosphere. Deep blue, sky blue and green light beams with multicolored stripes allow you to get carried away in truly memorable parties. The dynamism of the lights translates into a true disco club experience. At the same time, the deep blue lights on the woofers and midrange of the V83D and V73D systems and the multicolored light on the woofer of the new V13 make them ideal for accompanying parties and events in any type of space.

The range’s “Ambient Light” mode allows you to switch easily and gently from a party-style atmosphere to a more intimate one. The new setting is perfect for families interested in the tranquility of a slower and more relaxing light animation.

Sony MHC-V13

The new range responds to the growing popularity of karaoke at home with two microphone inputs designed to give voice to the pop star in you and inaugurate exciting challenges to the tune of your favorite songs. The Microphone Echo function amalgamates the vocals with the background music to make the experience more fluid and completely similar to a performance in a concert hall. Once finished, the microphones and cables can be conveniently and securely stowed in the special integrated microphone holders.

Those who prefer the rock ‘n’ roll style, on the other hand, can connect the guitar to one of the inputs to use the system as an amplifier. The three modes “Clean”, with clear sound, “Overdrive”, with distorted sound, and “Bass”, for bass, are the secret of an irresistible jam session.

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The Fiestable app allows you to monitor every aspect without leaving the party, controlling music, lights and much more with your voice or a simple touch on your smartphone. With the brand new Party Playlist function, the new systems allow everyone to add their favorite songs to the playlist. For a never-ending party, guests can share music stored on their smartphone via Wi-Fi using the Fiestable app.

Sony MHC-V73

To avoid bumps and knocks during transport, the more compact V13 features two corner protectors on the front. The V83D and V73D systems boast a durable 360 ​​° design, with a hard plastic outer shell on all sides of the units and four corner guards. Transport is facilitated by a practical tilting handle and solid wheels to move the system where you want.

The V83D and V73D systems can be paired with your television to enjoy your favorite movies, shows and sporting events in a new and exciting way. The HDMI (ARC) output allows you to easily connect them to the TV to watch programs and DVDs from the screen, but taking advantage of the speaker’s more immersive audio. The DAB + and FM tuners extend the listening experience, allowing you to have your favorite radio stations with you anywhere. MHC-V83D, MHC-V73D and MHC-V13 will be available from

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