Sony XH90

Sony has announced the arrival of the XH90 TVs in Europe. The XH90 series, announced at CES 2020, is made up of 4 models with 55 “, 65”, 75 “and 85” cuts. The panels are all 100/120 Hz Ultra HD LCD with Full LED Array Local Dimming backlighting (HERE you can find more information on the technology used). The video processor is the 4K HDR X1, the electronics that comes immediately after the most advanced X1 Ultimate.

Among the available processes, we mention the “object” HDR remastering, based on the identification of the most important elements present in the images. Motion management is entrusted to proprietary X-Motion Clarity technology (HERE we explain how it works). XH90 is equipped with Android 9 with 16 GB of integrated memory and voice assistant via the microphone inserted in the remote control. External speakers can also be connected to take advantage of both Google Assistant and Alexa from Amazon. The televisions offer support for Apple’s HomeKit and AirPlay 2.

Obviously, there is also the possibility of viewing videos in HDR in HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision formats. For audio, the ability to manage Dolby Atmos is ensured. The integrated speakers take advantage of the Acoustic Multi-Audio system (65 ā€¯models only) with X-Balanced speaker (on all models).

Among the innovations introduced is the Ambient Optimization, developed to optimize the reproduction of images and sound in relation to the characteristics of the environment. Integrated sensors detect brightness and sound inside the room. The information collected is then used to make all the corrections necessary to ensure a satisfactory experience in all conditions. The other important new feature is the presence of inputs capable of supporting various functions introduced with HDMI 2.1. Except for the 8K ZH8 series LCDs (however more limited), the HX90s are the only Sony televisions to offer such capabilities.

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The possibilities offered are the following:

eARC: the audio return channel capable of handling lossless tracks as well.
Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM): TVs automatically select the most suitable mode for video games (the one with the lowest latency).
Variable Refresh Rate (VRR): TVs also manage variable refresh rates when connected to compatible consoles and PCs.
High Frame Rate (HFR): TVs support Ultra HD signals up to 120 frames per second.
To activate the above functions you will need a firmware update that Sony will distribute after the release. The equipment also includes Calibrated Mode for Netflix and Triluminos technology.

Following the Italian list price for 55 “and 65” and the European ones for the 75 “and 85” cuts:

55 “: 1,399 euros
65 “: 1,699 euros
75 “: 2,499 euros
85 “: 3,499 euros
Availability is scheduled for early June

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