Sony Xperia 20

Even Sony Xperia 20 shows itself in OnLeaks’ first CAD renderings, just one day after the Xperia 2 flagship. Following the logic of yesterday, even Xperia 20 (it’s worth pointing out that the name is a speculation) should be the direct successor to the Xperia 10 midrange, and it is reasonable to assume that it too will be presented at the IFA 2019 conference in Berlin. It is plausible that there will also be a successor to the Xperia 10 Plus, but for the time being the renderings refer only to the smaller device.

The differences between Xperia 10 and 20 are few, but quite marked. To begin with, goodbye to the all-metal bodywork, in favor of a plastic or glass back cover. In addition, the power button returns to integrate the fingerprint scanner, which on Xperia 10 had a dedicated space. The frontal style remains the usual – upper frame more pronounced than the lower one and aspect ratio lengthened, even 21: 9. The position and configuration of the main camera is also unchanged, which is double, horizontally oriented and centered on the top of the body.

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