Surface Headphones 2

In addition to Surface Go 2 and Surface Book 3, Microsoft has presented Surface Headphones 2 and Surface Earbuds, the new Surface family devices designed to improve productivity, creativity, learning and entertainment thanks to the power of a software experience and fluid hardware.

Surface Headphones 2

Surface Headphones 2 are designed to be worn comfortably and to allow complete immersion, thanks to a spectacular sound quality and 13 levels of environmental noise reduction. The new version of the Surface Headphones offers greater autonomy and better sound quality, ensuring up to 20 hours of use and allowing you to adjust the cancellation of noise through the dials located on the external headphone to block or amplify human voices. Compared to the previous model, presented two years ago, the Headphones 2 arrive on the market with a renewed design: through a rotation of 180 degrees, it will be easier and more comfortable to place the headphones on the neck, without forgetting the new black finishing option, alternatively to the classic Platinum.

Surface Earbuds

Characterized by a comfortable fit and great stability, the Surface Earbuds have intuitive touch controls that allow you to make a call or change tracks without having to use your smartphone. Equipped with enveloping Omnisonic audio, the Earbuds allow you to instantly play Spotify from your Android smartphone with a triple touch on both earphones. The integration with Microsoft 365 allows the user to listen to the reading of the latest emails with Play My Emails via the Outlook Mobile app for iOS or to dictate texts on Word, Outlook and PowerPoint. All enriched by water resistance (IPX4 certification) and autonomy equal to one day (up to 8 hours), for a total of 24 hours with wireless charging case, the latter rechargeable with USB Type-C cable.

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Surface Earbuds

The new Surface Earbuds and Surface Headphones 2, on sale exclusively on the Microsoft Store, will be respectively available from May 12 at the price of 219.99 euros and from June 5 to 279.99 euros.

In order to offer an increasingly complete and integrated user experience, Microsoft has also presented new accessories to support user productivity wherever they are.

Available in Italy for a business audience at a price of 299.99 euros, Surface Dock 2 allows you to expand your workspace with a simple magnetic click, offering greater charging speed, faster data transfer speed and all business management tools most requested.
In addition to Dock 2, the Surface family of products designed specifically for companies expands with the new Microsoft Travel Hub multiport, which enables new ways of connecting to networks, displays and accessories via USB-C on the move. The multiport Microsoft Travel Hub is available at a price of 109.99 euros.
On sale for the consumer public at a price of 65.90 euros, Microsoft Bluetooth Desktop offers a full keyboard in a slim and modern design and an elegant compact mouse that comfortably welcomes the user’s hand

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