Suunto 5

Slim, compact and comfortable on the wrist, Suunto 5 is ready to help athletes with daily training, thanks to the multisport function, allowing you to focus on your goal: pace, stroke or lap. With an autonomy of (up to) 40 hours, athletes and outdoor enthusiasts can push hard, in training or hiking, without having to worry about running out of energy. This smart watch learns the training patterns of those who have it on their wrist and sends reminders to be put in charge before the next session.

Suunto 5

Suunto 5 was built and tested in the harsh environmental conditions of Northern Europe, carrying on the long Suunto tradition in the field of adventure products, which dates back to 1936. Capable of tackling any condition nature reserves.

The watch monitors the wearer’s fitness level and adapts the level of training in a personalized way according to its progress and objectives. Just like a coach, he tells the athlete to recover when the effort is excessive. In case of lack of commitment, it spurs him to increase the activity. Suunto 5 is more than just a watch: it is a reliable training partner. In addition, it controls the level of stress and sleep, so that the user has the certainty of having fully recovered and be ready for the next sport activity. It also provides help in maintaining, improving or enhancing the user’s fitness level and performance. Thanks to over 80 customizable sports modes, the user is able to obtain relevant statistics regardless of the sport practiced.

Instead of training alone, Suunto 5 puts active people and adventure lovers in touch with a world of new routes to discover through the heat maps in the Suunto app. The heat maps show where and along which paths people train, providing stimuli for new challenges and new discoveries. Once synchronized, users can explore new routes and routes on their watch.

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Suunto 5

Some of the most famous sports apps in the world, such as Strava, TrainingPeaks and Relive, are integrated into the Suunto app, giving the user the chance to make the most of the training sessions. And sharing online achievements across different social media platforms has never been easier.

Suunto 5 has been designed for performance, but also with an eye to style. The ring in resistant stainless steel and the four variants All Black, White, Burgundy Copper and Graphite Copper, make it a sophisticated and original object together. Already available in pre-order, the watch will be officially launched in Italy at a price of 329 euros starting from 4 June

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