Tesla Model Y

The Tesla Model Y is the most efficient electric SUV ever. This recognition comes from the American EPA which has certified an autonomy of 315 miles (about 507 Km) on a single charge. This is an important fact that refers to the current Performance version. Just a few days ago, Elon Musk’s company made it known that his electric SUV would have more autonomy than originally estimated.

This had been possible thanks to a skilful work of optimizing the powertrain during the long months of testing. The leap forward, now confirmed by the EPA, is very important. It would be very curious to know where Tesla managed to intervene to gain so much efficiency.

The Tesla Model Y also receives an official efficiency index of 121 MPGe for combined city and highway driving (129 MPGe in the city and 112 MPGe on the highway), something unattainable by any model counterpart on the market. The curious fact is that the electric SUV would be more efficient for the EPA than the Tesla Model 3 Performance with 19-inch wheels. An interesting fact, thinking that Model Y is based on Model 3 and theoretically should offer less efficiency given the larger dimensions.

This would mean that the American manufacturer has indeed found a way to optimize the overall efficiency of this new model. The first deliveries will begin in America during the month of March. In Italy, where it has been possible to pre-order for some time, there is still talk of 2021.

Tesla relies heavily on this model which in the future will also be built in the Gigafactory 4 in Germany. The American brand hopes to achieve even greater success than the Model 3.

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