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Thermaltake has just introduced its new thermaltake Level 20 RGB Razer Green Keyboard premium mechanical keyboard, a new model that aims to bring the RGB lighting of this type of peripherals to a new level. Using the Razer Green mechanical switches (with its famous durability of 80 million pulsations), and built with a solid layer of aluminum of 2 mm, which gives a great resistance to the use and abuse of its users, the Thermaltake Level 20 RGB Razer Green Keyboard is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and the Razer Chroma software.

The new Razer Green Keyboard Thermaltake Level 20 RGB mechanical keyboard is a model that, as we mentioned at the beginning of the article makes extensive use of the Razer Green mechanical switches. These switches have a path of between 3.7 and 4 mm, but their point of action is close to 1.4 mm. Not only this, but the mechanical switches of Razer are among those who, in theory, have a greater durability of the market, since they are able to withstand up to 80 million pulses by the fingers of the users. Keep in mind that Cherry MX switches usually have a durability of around 50 million pulses.

The upper part of the new Thermaltake keypad model is built from an aluminum plate with a thickness of 2 mm, in order to give a more rigidity to this new Thermaltake Level 20 RGB Razer Green Keyboard. This board will prevent the keyboard from presenting the typical flexing problems that cheap keyboards usually have, manufactured with only plastic in their two halves.

The RGB lighting of the Thermaltake mechanical keyboard has four zones
The RGB lighting of Thermaltake’s new mechanical keyboard model is divided into four zones: the front and its three other sides. In each of these areas, the user can create the RGB lighting effects that he or she desires thanks to the 13 dynamic lighting effects that it has on its front, along with the other 14 dynamic lighting effects that the keyboard has in its two lateral All these lighting effects can be controlled thanks to iTake software, owner of the brand. But it is that this keyboard is also compatible with Razer Chroma software, with which this brand is responsible for controlling the rest of their peripherals.

Apart from compatibility with Razer Chroma, the Razer Green Keyboard Thermaltake Level 20 RGB keyboard is part of the Thermaltake RGB PLUS ecosystem, where we can find everything from blocks of water for liquid refrigeration, to fans for boxes and power supplies. This ecosystem is also compatible with the use of Amazon Alexa, which would be responsible for changing the RGB light of your components, depending on the ambient temperature that it made in the locality where we reside.

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Although the new Thermaltake Level 20 RGB Razer Green Keyboard mechanical keyboard can not be purchased in most stores, you can buy it through Thermaltake’s own website. The price of this new model is $ 129.99. 5/5 (1)

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