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TP-Link has launched OneMesh devices, which use TP-Link Mesh technology to create an optimal WiFi network. The new product range will include devices belonging to the different categories of the TP-Link portfolio such as routers, range extenders and power lines. An incredibly extensive network, with no shadows and disconnections, easy to set up and even to manage. In addition, OneMesh does not require the replacement of current network devices: in addition to the new products already prepared for this technology, the company plans to extend its compatibility to several of those already on the market through software updates.

 TP-Link OneMesh

In practice, many home networks have to deal with the limits of the WiFi signal every day: thick walls, large apartments where the router cannot be installed in an optimal position or apartments on several floors are obstacles to the spread of a strong signal and stable in every corner of the house. In these cases, the most common solution is to add a range extender to the router, to increase the range of the connection. However, with traditional devices you constantly switch from one connection to another while moving around the house and this causes frequent disconnections, as well as management that is far from efficient network paths that can slow down navigation.

Thanks to Mesh technology, TP-Link OneMesh products instead create a unified WiFi network among themselves, bringing numerous advantages: no shadow zone and maximum performance anywhere, since the best route between device and router or extender is always used. In addition, the setting is simple and immediate: thanks to the Tether app or the web management portal, checking network settings – including name and password – is a matter of seconds and a few clicks.

TP-Link OneMesh

There are two products in the TP-Link OneMesh range already available: the Archer A7 (V5) router, with up to 1Gbps connectivity and capable of exceptional performance on a WiFi network with simultaneous connection to 2.4 GHz (450 Mbps) and 5 GHz ( 1,300 Gbps), for a total bandwidth of 1,750 Gbps for the price of 89.99 euros and the Range Extender RE300, a device created specifically to extend the WiFi signal throughout the house by exploiting the benefits of Mesh technology and the possibility of operating both on the band from 2.4 GHz, both at 5 GHz for the price of 34.99 euro (Amazon link) But it does not end here, because updates will soon be released on many historical models of the TP-Link range 5/5 (1)

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