TV Sony LCD ZH8, XH90 and OLED A8

Thanks to some online retailers, the prices of the Sony Z8H, X900H and A8H TVs, the North American counterparts of the 8K LCD ZH8, XH90 and OLED A8, have been leaked on the net. ZH8 is the new 8K series that will support the current 98 “ZG9 (which will remain on the price list, the 85” will disappear instead). HX90 will instead improve and replace the XG85 series while A8 will replace the OLED AG8.

Among the sources that reported the prices is the Value Electronics retailer, known in the sector because the owner, Robert Zohn, is among the organizers of a comparison that crowns the best TV every year thanks to the contribution of various professionals. The source, albeit unofficial (which is why it is good to keep some caution anyway), is therefore highly reliable.

Following the prices of all the series:


85 “: $ 9,999
75 “: $ 6,999

65 “: $ 2,799
55 “: $ 1,899

85 “: $ 3,499
75 “: $ 2,199
65 “: $ 1,399
55 “: $ 999

Sony ZH8
The ZH8 series expands the offer of 8K models by positioning itself on a lower range than the ZG9. The backlight is always Full LED Array Local Dimming (in this article we explain what it is and what it is used for) but it does not have Backlight Master Drive technology, characterized by a higher density of independently controlled LED modules. The processor is instead the same X1 Ultimate combined with the 8K X-Reality PRO for increased detail.

As regards audio, we find a Sound-from-Picture Reality system with two full range speakers along the bottom edge, two low frequency woofers on the back and the new Frame Tweeters, placed high along the edges to expand the sound vertically . The ZH8 are also equipped with the new Ambient Optimization function, capable of optimizing images and sounds in relation to the characteristics of the environment. The equipment is completed by the new remote control, identical as the key layout to that of the top of the 2019 range but equipped with a backlight.

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Sony A8
XH90 is the series that shows more improvements than the previous one. First of all, the backlight changes to become Full LED Array Local Dimming, while on XG85 it was LED Edge or Direct LED depending on the cuts. The equipment also includes the aforementioned Ambient Optimization and an Acoustic Multi-Audio sound system (65 ”models only) with X-Balanced speaker. XH90 will receive an update that will enable compatibility with Ultra HD signals at 120 frames per second.

A8 OLEDs improve video processing thanks to the X1 Ultimate processor, called to replace the 4K HDR X1 on the AG8 series. The audio section supports Dolby Atmos and should better manage low frequencies thanks to an unprecedented double subwoofer. We find Ambient Optimization again and the X-Motion Clarity function is introduced to improve the rendering of moving images.

Sony XH90
To better understand the evolution of prices, we report below the price list (with the exception of Z9G) 2019 models at the time of launch in the United States:


98 “: $ 69,999.99
85 “: $ 12,999.99

65 “: $ 3,499.99
55 “: $ 2,499.99

85 “: $ 3,499.99
75 “: $ 2,199.99
65 “: $ 1,399.99
55 “: $ 1,099.99

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