Vivo X51 5G

vivo X51 5G and all the other smartphones of the brand launched in Europe, such as vivo Y70, Y20s and Y11s, will soon be updated to Android 11. The roll-out will start at the end of November and will be completed by the end of the year.

A little more than a month after its entry into Europe with the launch of the first product line-up, vivo announced that all smartphone models presented (also in Italy) will soon be updated to Android 11, the latest version of the system. operating by Google, for a better user experience. In particular, by the end of November, vivo X51 5G will be the first to receive this update but, by the end of the year, it will also be followed by the vivo Y70, Y20s and Y11s models.

Vivo X51 5G

The first vivo smartphones launched on the European market, including the top-of-the-range vivo X51 5G, use a customized release of the operating system and based on Android 10, but a different variant compared to the FuntouchOS available on terminals marketed on Asian markets. To launch its products, vivo carried out in-depth research on the habits and preferences of European users, in fact this particularly linear and smart version, based on Android stock, has already received many awards from consumers and the media.

The latest version of the operating system, Android 11, was released in September 2020 and introduced greater data privacy and several new features. It is by looking at these improvements that both companies and end users are eager to be able to update their devices.

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vivo is among the first smartphone manufacturers to have embraced Android 11: in September it also provided the Android 11 Developer Preview version to third-party developers and at the beginning of October it launched products that use the Android 11 operating system in different parts of the world. making updates available also to devices already on the market

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