Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1

Even if they were never intended for the general public and even someone ignores their existence, Google Glass has conquered a small market niche. Google offers an enterprise-class product, designed to improve the safety and efficiency of workers – from logistics to manufacturing, from the field of training services – by providing immediate access to the information and tools needed to best complete their work.

Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2

So two years after the launch of Google Glass Enterprise Edition, the Mountain View company decided to present an updated version with a faster processor, higher level camera and safety features (optional) for those who intend to use this device in the environment industrial. Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 is also cheaper, since it costs $ 999, $ 500 less than the previous model.

The new generation of Google’s wearable is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1, a platform that the San Diego-based company launched a year ago specifically for virtual reality and augmented reality devices. It is a 10nm quad-core processor, with 1.7GHz frequency and integrated support for visual processing, 6DoF position tracking (six degrees of freedom) and 3D graphics acceleration.

“Qualcomm Technologies has created Snapdragon XR1 to offer high-quality experiences and we are pleased to see that Google has worked to optimize the platform and offer concrete and solid solutions that can increase worker productivity,” said Hugo Swart, head of XR , Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “Glass’s lightweight and compact form factor, combined with the low power consumption of XR1 allows workers to wear them for extended periods of time. We support Glass in the quest to improve the speed, accuracy and safety of those who every day he is busy working in the company and transforming the way we connect and work. ”

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Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2

The rest of the budget includes 3GB of LPDDR4 RAM, 32GB of eMMC, WiFi 802.11ac and Bluetooth 5.0. Google has also updated the camera (from 5MP) to 8MP, alongside three beam-forming microphones for voice detection, a side touchpad and a USB Type-C 2.0 port that will take care of data transfer and fast charging of the 820 battery mAh, which should guarantee up to 8 hours of autonomy. There is also a sensor on the head and on the screen, but it can be deactivated when the device is not in operation. The new Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 also have two LED lights: one on the back for power and one for the camera on the front, which will be on during video recording or streaming

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